Monday, October 1, 2012

half marathon - check!!!

a half marathon was something i never thought i would do
and never really had the desire to do as running is definitely not my most favorite thing to do!
but this past sunday, i did it :)

i go to a mom and babes running group a couple of times a week, 
and i heard several of the moms talking about a half marathon they were going to do at the end of september.
i was super impressed, but had no intention of joining them!

then i heard them talking about this "fun" running class that they were going to do this fall, and i decided to join them. 
before i knew it, i was running distances quite a bit further than i have ever run in my entire life! 
i must say, running w/ a group is quite a bit more enjoyable than running by don't get stuck in your own brain thinking about the pain and how much further you have to run before you can keel over and die ;) it's social...and maybe even "fun"?

anyways, w/ a little encouragement from my mom friends, i signed up for the half marathon, giving myself about a month to train.
let's just say, i may not have been fast, but i did cross the finish line!!!

 me and Bump before the race (and no, i did not push her this time!!!)

 chattin' and stretching 

 more chatting :)

 the course took us by our house!!! 
so dave was sitting out on the porch to give us a little encouragement and snap a picture :)
michelle was my running buddy for the first 2/3 of the race...she has twins!

 sprinting across the finish line!

 so happy to be done!

 the race was a fundraiser for the high school here in red lake
here i am w/ the mascot...the red lake ram :)

michelle coming in for the finish :)



  1. Good for you! it's amazing to see yourself doing things you didn't even know you were capable of!

  2. It makes me smile how you have plugged in with young moms. What a blessing.