Wednesday, January 12, 2011

thank you cards

soooooooooooooooo....embarrassing story...

over the couple of weeks previous to christmas, dave and i dutifully wrote thank you cards to all the wonderful people who blessed us w/ gifts for our wedding. i wanted to have them done before we went to va so that i could mail them from the states. we got them done!!!! but guess who forgot to bring them w/ her to the states...yeah, that would be me. very unfortunate, especially since i wrote "merry christmas" on most of mine lol. so i apologize for the late "merry christmas" to those of you who get one w/ that!!!!

this is the card :) i love it :)
unfortunately, it didn't print very well for some reason. it turned out a bit blurry :(, and i didn't have time to get it redone while i was in va over amber's wedding. so for those of you who get one in the mail, sorry again!!!! i so wish it would have printed better!

dave and i are so grateful for each of you who have blessed our lives. marriage has been so absolutely wonderful!
thanks to each of you who have played a part in that by loving us, teaching us, being a godly example for us, and praying for us! we are truly blessed!!!

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