Sunday, January 16, 2011

the ice road :)

this morning we experienced temperatures of -22F/-30C.
my snot froze in my nose. lol

yesterday my hubby took me for a lil' spin on our amazing ice road :)

it's huge!!! ... kinda like a 4 lane highway ... except no rules!!!!
this one goes from red lake to cochenour

looking out the back of the truck at another truck :)

little ice fishing huts :) ... sounds like a miserable sport to me!

driving into cochenour.
the tall thingy is a new mine shaft that is going up.
for those of you who don't know, red lake is a gold mining town...pretty much wouldn't exist w/out it.

on the way home we passed the beach :) anyone up for laying out w/ me?

a lil' truck plowing the ice road.

notice all the tracks...snow machines have now become the vehicle of choice...and they are speedy lil' boogers!!! they go over 100 mph. i can watch them zoom by out our lovely lil' window :)

a picture across the lake that i rolled the window down for...notice my expression is not one of sheer joy...very, very cold!

driving back into red lake...our apartment is in the grayish building to the right. we live in the upper, far right side.

and lastly, the lil' ramp back to solid ground :)


  1. Oh Parla I wish I could give you a snuggly warm auntie hug! I could even give you some steaming hot chocolate. I always love it when I see you've updated. Thanks for taking the time. Love , Aunt Polly Wolly

  2. I am shivering just thinking about the weather up there! Hope you are staying warm. I love keeping up with you via your posts. Miss you!


  3. That's amazing and so fun to see where you live!

  4. I love reading your blogs and seeing all the beautiful sights. I'm content to stay in the warm! So you bundle up and enjoy the snow, Ice and frost!!

  5. SOOO, guess you will have roads like this til spring, Right? Oh my, I really don't like to drive on those kinds of roads. I pretty much make Granddaddy take me where ever I need to go. We are making our plans to go to FL again. Will leave the 31st of Jan. Talked to friends and they said it was around 70, so that sounds good to me. Just hope we don't have a big snow before time to leave. Keep those blog coming. They are so interesting. Love You, Grammy

  6. tbcline7@gmail.comJanuary 17, 2011 at 7:43 AM

    Thanks for the tour of the ice roads. Wish I could be sipping something hot with you and chatting. Mummsy