Friday, January 21, 2011

baby mary janes :)

too warm outside for baby booties? (doubtful in this weather!!! we had - 33C/-27F this morning!)
or maybe you want somethin' just a tad more dressy or girly :)

my latest project:

lil' mary jane slippers :) so adorable!
they feature a double layered foot, so they are super soft :)

let me know if you want a pair!!!

This item was handmade using a Hook Candy crochet pattern, available at


  1. Those are absolutely, fantastically, adorable! How much are they for a pair?
    Christina Bontrager

  2. How about an adult size pair? lol
    These are cute beyond words.

  3. tbcline7@gmail.comJanuary 21, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    What will you come up with next? So sweet. How cold is it up there now? We are having colder temperatures in the next few days. Mummsy

  4. They are adorable! Can I have a pattern? You've been inspiring me to crochet. I made a giraffe and a pig last week and this week I think I'm starting an afghan :). I love your stuff!


  5. Parla dear are you following a pattern or are you inventing all these cute shoesies!?!

  6. hi auntie :)
    i do follow patterns for my cute lil' shoesies...maybe someday i'll have it figured out well enough that i can invent my own :)

    rebekah, as much as i would love to give you the pattern, i don't think i should since it's a purchased pattern, but i'll give you the link if you want to get it :)

    hope, haven't gotten a pattern for adults yet, but there prolly is one out there lol...maybe i should see what i can come up with :)

  7. o and christina, i sell them for $12 :)