Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my sister

last Friday my sister Autumn flew across the ocean to Germany!!!
i must say, i am slightly jealous ;)
she went w/ YWAM and will have 3 months of training along w/ 3 months of outreach
she had originally thought that both her training and outreach would be in Germany, 
but it turns out that her outreach is going to either be in Asia or Africa!
there are 17 youth at the base in Germany, and for most of them German is their first language.
thankfully, the teaching sessions are in English and then translated into German

i'm so proud of her!
i think i would be pretty intimidated being surrounded by so many people who barely spoke my language!
i am praying that even w/ the language barrier that she will quickly make friends and feel part of the community there in Germany. 
i'm also praying that she picks up the language quickly!

if you think about it pray for her!
i was able to talk to her on Monday, and she is already super excited about the things that God is doing and is going to do through their team :)

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  1. That's so exciting! i did YWAM Hawaii/Thailand and loved it! Made friends for life and i'm sure she will too! She is blessed to have your support... that thick blonde braid makes her look like she'd fit right in already ;)