Friday, September 7, 2012

a few more

i wanted to post just a few more pictures of Bump w/ my family
as well as a few pictures to finish out the month of September

what happens when mommy leaves the room?
uncle Christian goes fishing for my baby w/ a can of diet Mountain Dew :)

mmmmmmmm :)

hangin' out in the food buckets

"can i PLEASE have a bite of your hotdog auntie Autumn?"

8 months old!!!!


Bump is a little head-tilter :)

happy September everyone!!!!


  1. Nooo, Brighton, Nooooo, not the Cline family drug of choice!! Congratulations on 8 Months!

  2. October? What happened to September? =)

    By the way, you have one cute child. Just in case you wondered. =) ~Iris

    1. lol...i guess it is september!!!! shew!

  3. Fun memories and they just keep going. Can't wait to see you in two weeks. Mummsy

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