Friday, July 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home (part 2)

The second part of our time at home was spent at a national park in Tennessee, camping with my mom's side of the family. My mom has 7 siblings, and most of them have quite a few children and great  grandchildren. The most that were there at any one point in time was 74.

Grandmother and 26 of the 43 grandkids.

cornhole was a big hit, and lots of time was spent both watching and playing

 it was so nice to have Mummsy Dear around who didn't mind holding my fussy little girl every now and then ;)

 One night the guys were shining a laser through all kinds of looked pretty sweet!
The first picture is the laser shining through a mason jar. The second picture is the laser shining through a diamond ring.

 Two lovebirds by the fire (Benjamin and Melissa)

Two of the days we were camping, Brighton and i tried out the pool.

 She's my little fishy :)

 Bump getting a ride from Maxwell, her 2nd cousin.

 These 3 babies are 2nd cousins. Each is being held by her grandma. They are less than a month apart.
Grandma Emily and Madolyn - Grandma Barbara and Brighton - Grandma Julia and Tina

 Cousins playing "Ticket to Ride"

 Emorie and her daddy

 Bec teaching Brighton to walk

 My dear sweet mom and Aunt Polly Wolly :)

Autumn and Brighton getting to know each other a bit

Brighton and her Granddad checkin' each other out :)

It was so so good to see so much of my family again!
When i was little, the Heatwole Family Campout was one of the biggest highlights of my that regard, not much has changed! Though it's no longer a yearly thing, when it does happen, it sure is special :)
It's crazy how time flies. I use to be one of the youngest kiddos there, and now my baby gets to be one of the youngest :) It won't be long until the great-grands outnumber the grands!

I'll be sharing pictures from the rest of my time at home in part 3...coming soon!

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