Monday, July 2, 2012

father's day

I was so sad when i found out that Brighton and i would not be w/ Dave on Father's Day. 
Instead of loving up on him like we would have liked we spent the entire day apart.
He spent all day traveling back to Red Lake while we stayed down in the States to spend another week w/ my family.

So we celebrated when we got back!
I think he enjoyed it ;)

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Photo Challenge Submission

This little girl is one blessed munchkin!
She has a daddy who loves her to pieces and tells her every day :)
Not for lack of words or actions will she ever have to wonder about his love for her.
And i feel equally as blessed to have a such a committed father to our child :)
He helps so much to make parenting a joy!

I love you Baby!
Thank you for loving me and our little girl so so well :)


  1. So happy to see daddy! :) Love your girl's name, so cute!

  2. great moment captured...adorable

  3. I could just squeeze her. Hope you win the photo challenge. Mummsy