Thursday, January 19, 2012

house and baby update

today Brighton turned 3 weeks old!!!!
she has already changed so so much...i can definitely tell she's chunking up a bit :)

here she is hanging out in a swing that we were able to buy thanks to some money sent by my Grammy and Granddaddy; Dave's Grandma; and Grandpa and Grandma Sonifrank

i forgot to post a picture of Brighton's baby blanket that Mom finished up while she was here...
thanks so much Mummsy!!!!

also, while Mom was here, we visited the house...
Mom warming her hands by our newly installed fire place :) so excited to relax and sit by the fire once we move in. It's one of the things i miss most about home. 

this is another picture from when Mom was here...demolition was still in progress. 

but now we are building back!!!! yay!!!!
this week Dave began drywalling, and when we get back, the painting will begin :)
 kitchen area

 our bedroom w/ a brand new walk in closet :)

 baby room...Brighton also gets a new closet :)

 new more rope to hang onto while descending into the basement lol

 living room

 entryway closet

entryway entrance :)
things are coming right along!!!
we are hoping to get moved in sometime around the end of february/beginning of march

and i'm off...leaving in 5 hours for home sweet virginia home :) so so so so excited!!!!

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  1. Wow, a lot has changed on the house. The kitchen looks so different. An yes Brighton is chunking up. Praying for your safty as you travel.