Friday, January 6, 2012

Bump's first week at home :)

Yesterday my baby turned a week old!!! time already seems like it's flying by...

January 1

January 2

Mummsy came to visit!!! Dave drove 6.5 hours to pick her up from the airport in Thunder Bay, and then another 6.5 hours back here to Red Lake to be w/ Bump and me for a week :) it has been wonderful!!! she is taking such good care of us :)

nap time :)

January 3
all ready to go out on her 1st excursion...we went to a fabric store to pick out fabrics so that Mummsy could make a baby blanket for Brighton while she was here.

our stack :)

family picture!!! we couldn't get her to open her eyes, so we opened them for her :)

January 4

more nap time ;)

January 5

working on the baby blanket:

daddy's little girl :)

all fresh, clean, and bright-eyed after a bath :)

at this point, she's not all that fond of being wet :(

our one week old, little angel :)


  1. Ohh Parla, I am so happy for you. Little B is so precious! I can't wait to see pics of her finished quilt, from what I've seen so far, it's amazing and too fun!! TAKE CARE!

  2. great post! She is so precious! Wish I could come cuddle her again. And neat quilt....what a precious gift from grandma!

  3. I think she's got her mamma's feet, or maybe her dad's too :) Parla Brighten is so precious!! I'm sure you and Dave are enjoying her to the fullest! So happy Aunt Barbara got to come out and be part of yalls lil' bundle of joy! ~ Sheri

  4. She is precious! Congrats Parla. That blanket is amazing by the way. You and your family have such amazing talents....talents I wish I had!

  5. So precious!! She's got the cutest lips {; There's nothing as sweet as a newborn!

  6. Happy for you!!!! This has been a long time come'n if you ask me. Glad she's do'n good:) Let me know if I can transport any visitors up. I'd love to come see yall again.