Friday, September 23, 2011

ohio + virginia

BEFORE going to mexico....

my hubby and i spent some time w/some good friends in columbus, OH. most of us met back in 2004 at rosedale bible college...we've been getting together ever since :)
our little reunion was over labor day weekend. it was a good time of hanging out, catching up, and just relaxing :)

unfortunately, i did a horrible job of taking pictures...thankfully, jess did :) so the following pictures are compliments of her :)

the girls: Jessica Yutzy, Allyah Miller, me :), Melinda Geiser, and Sabrina Kauffman

so fun getting to be pregnant right along side of one of my best friends!!!
she is 32 weeks in this picture, and i'm 24 weeks...only 8 weeks apart :) can't wait for our little munchkins to meet!!!

we rarely go out to eat when we get together...much more fun to make the food ourselves :)

Zach manning the grill :)

the women making pizza in the kitchen...2 of us barefoot and pregnant ;)


sitting down to enjoy the fruits of our labor...or actually, the fruit of zach and allyah's labor...they made an amazing hot breakfast for us one morning!!! - scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee cake, zucchini bread, fruit, bagels, coffee, etc ;)

thanx to each of you who took the time to make our little group a priority!!! we had such a good weekend w/ you all!!!!

now, AFTER mexico....

hubby and i split ways. he headed back to red lake, and i spent some time in both indiana and virginia :) :) :)

i stayed w/ my friend amber in indiana for a few days, and then 5 of us piled into her husband's truck for the 12 hr. drive to va....a little crammed, but we made it!!!!

the main event was my cousin hannah's wedding. it was gorgeous!!!!

i snapped a few pictures:

cute wedding programs :)

caramel apples on the tables :)

my little 1st and a half cousin, ashton, who kept peeking over his shoulder at me during the wedding

as their unity symbol, mike and hannah lit a hot air balloon and let it go :)

a few more being let go after theirs...

once again, i did not do the best at getting pictures, so the rest of these wedding pictures are from Hope's blog ... a sister-in-law to the bride (and a very good photographer i might add!)

the ceremony and the reception were held outside, down by the river, under a big white tent

guest book - loved the rustic burlap accents!!!

the wedding party

gorgeous bridesmaids!!!! - my lovely sister is 3rd from the right :)

the happy happy happy couple :)

the best part about my week after mexico, was getting to spend time w/ my beyond amazing family!!!! it was so so good to spend time w/ them :) being away from them this past year has really been hard, but has definitely made me appreciate and love them all the more!

all of us spending time together out in the living room after an amazing brunch :) mom is so good at making sure we have good, quality family time :)

everyone was there except my hubby :( - Dad and Mom, me, Christian, Benjamin and his fiance Melissa, Rebecca and her boyfriend Abe, and Autumn and her boyfriend Jesse...o yes, and a cousin and his fiance - Timothy and Diana

such good memories and times!!!!

one morning i got to go out to breakfast with the "fearsome foursome" :)
we've been friends since little up, and every year we try to take a trip together...we weren't able to this year as we are scattered all over the place (canada, indiana, nevada, and virginia), but at least we got to do breakfast!!!!

amber and i

andrea, her sweet little ava, and sheri

i also swung by the Shenandoah Heritage Farmer's Market, where some of my favorite people work :)
my cousin joy, my sister autumn, the best grammy ever!, me, and my aunt brenda - also melissa (my soon to be sister-in-law!) who was taking the picture and is therefore not in it :(

these last few photos are compliments of mom:
me, rebecca, and abe

in order to be a part of the Cline family, you MUST like our Cline apple butter...actually, you must love it ;) -- in this picture we are making sure that melissa, jesse, and abe make the cut!

and, fyi, the best way to eat our amazing apple butter is on a Town House cracker with peanut butter, topped w/ a big spoonful of apple butter :)

and lastly, two pictures from our Cline family get-together on Sunday afternoon:
all of the cousins minus Steven

and the "potentials" ;)


  1. it was great getting to see you the the pick of my boy & the "potentials" =)

  2. So enjoyed the weekend. Glad to see the pictures of your RBC friends. What fun. Mummsy

  3. Sounds and looks like you had a good trip ;) Lovvvvvve the belly!