Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This past Saturday, Sue Hochstedler gave me the opportunity to make donuts w/ her and sell them at a bake sale. I was sooooo excited! I love making donuts, but in my small kitchen i could never make enough for a bake sale. Sue designed her kitchen around making donuts, and it was amazing! I had so much fun :)

I somehow convinced my good friend Diana to help out with this whole process...little did she know what she was getting into!!! To begin with, neither her nor i are morning persons, and when I told her that we needed to be over at Sue's house at 4 am to start making donuts, i almost lost her...but after some pleading, and telling her how much i REALLY needed her, she agreed...under the condition that she could spend the night at my house the night before, therefore eliminating the need for her to boat from her island to Red Lake in the middle of the night. :)

We made around 50 dozen donuts that morning...and sold them all in about 2 hrs. :)

mmmmm... :)

Sue, rollling and cutting...she was def. the expert of the bunch...the rest of us had fat donuts and thin donuts and lopsided donuts...her's were pretty much all picture perfect :) i guess that's what comes w/ making hundreds of dozens of donuts in a lifetime!

Diana was our glazer :) and she did an amazing job! couldn't have done it w/out her...though i don't think she will be volunteering again anytime too soon ;)

Sue also invited a friend, Lisa, to help :) She and i did most of the frying.

Sue's husband made these racks for drying the glazed donuts. After glazing them, Diana would put them on dow rods, and then stick them on the racks to dry.

we filled quite a few racks :)

I completely forgot to take pictures of the farmer's market where we sold the donuts :(
Maybe next time!!!!! ;)
Thank you so much Sue for your patience with us as we learned, and for the opportunity to learn! You were a great teacher :)

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  1. Looks like a big day. I would like to site down and eat a doughnut and a cup of coffee with you.