Tuesday, May 3, 2011

wedding, warmness, tanness, and a car :)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......florida :)

how i love that state!!!!

2 weeks ago, dave and i left for a little vacation in the beautiful state of florida :) it was amazing!
we went down for the wedding of my two good friends, tony root and chalee helmuth (now root).

i'm pretty sure it was the most beautiful wedding i have ever been too. unfortunately i didn't take my camera to the wedding, so i have no proof of this fact, but i assure you that this wedding would be hard to beat!

actually, i think i'll just borrow a few pictures from my friend melinda :)

an absolutely stunning bride!!!

lovely bridesmaids

mr. and mrs. root!!!

cute cake :)

wedding party table...the tables were so pretty! over the past several months, chalee had been collecting old bottles and jars for centerpieces for the tables. each table had anywhere from 5-7 jars/bottles, and each one either had flowers or cute little pinwheels in them :)

lights were strung up over the reception area, and were absolutely beautiful once it got dark

scrabble theme :)

thanx for taking pictures melindy!!!!!! :) :) :)

soooooooooooooo...the rest of the time in florida was filled with....

-hanging out w/ friends
-dog races!!!!
-beach :)
-sunburn :(
-good food

a few pics....

mmmmm....suntan :)
i cannot even express how wonderful it was to step outside, and for it to be warmer outside than it was inside!!!! i almost forgot what it was like!!!

and last but not least...my car!!!
on the way home from florida we stopped in at winnipeg and my baby got me a car :) :) so excited to finally have wheels!!!!
it's so perfect! exactly what i wanted!
2007 mazda 3

i named it macy :)


  1. sunshine skyway bridge! i recognize that .. bout 30 minutes away from me. :] so glad you got to see some florida sun! love the car.. good name too!

  2. Love the post, Parla-pants! You are very welcome for the pictures. It was fantastic to see you again. Your car is so cute!!! Melin

  3. tbcline7@gmail.comMay 5, 2011 at 6:01 AM

    Glad you got to warm up a bit. I couldn't see the last three pictures. Mummsy

  4. Glad to know you got warmed up for a few days!! Hopefully the warm weather will find you before too long. Can't believe you forgot a camera. Glad to know you have a car, but I could not see it on your blog. Try again. Love you, Grammy

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