Thursday, May 12, 2011

it's gone!!!!!

finally!!! the ice has officially left red lake :) :)
it's been quite the long journey...

to start it off, dave and i returned to red lake to find a bunch of crazies jumping into the still-frozen-over lake...let's just say most of them were in the air longer than they were in the water!!!

they were jumping in for earth day. each of them pledged to do something like ride bike to work, recycle, etc, and then jumped right on in. there were 21 crazies in all :)
this was the end of april, a little over a week later, the ice finally left us :)

may snowed :( not a happy day for me!

may 5th...the ice is turning black, and moving away from the shore

may 7th...there is a nice little water path where the ice road was

may 8th...still water in the distance

may's gone!!!!! pretty dreary out, but the ice is gone :) :) praise the Lord!!!!
bring on fishing season!!!


  1. Yes, crazy people. That was interesting seeing the ice leave. Mummsy

  2. Is Holly still planning on coming up? I tried calling her and just got her voice mail. Later, Dustin,