Thursday, March 24, 2011

couldn't wait!!!

i so loved how my latest project turned out that i couln't wait to post some pics :)
i just finished a pair of adult mary-jane slippers!!! so absolutely cute...i feel like a hippie/flower child wearing them lol

a while back somebody commented on one of my posts about my baby mary-janes, wondering if i made adult the time i didn't, but thought i'd look around for a pattern and see what i could find...and these cross-over strappers is what i found :) they are quite the time consuming project, and not the cheapest of projects either, but o so worth it :)

the bottom layer of the slippers is made out of jute, so they are pretty sturdy little boogers...the pattern says that you can even wear them outside!!! :) :) :) you just have to be careful not to get them wet.

the layer on top of the jute layer is made out of 3 strands of 100% cotton yarn, making them nice and soft :) i actually put a shoe insert inside of mine to give me some arch support, and i am absolutely in love!!! ready to get started on my next pair ;)

happy feet :)

before i made this pair, i actually made another pair out of 100% acylic yarn. this was before i had any jute, so i just made the bottom layer out of yarn too.

unfortunately, these are a size 5.5, so my feet can't be happy in them, but not going to lie, they sure are adorable!! :)

happy thursday everyone!!!!

The mary-janes were handmade using a Hook Candy crochet pattern, available at


  1. tbcline7@gmail.comMarch 28, 2011 at 9:02 PM

    Now you have made scarfs, hats, baby shoes and slippers, what is next.....undies???? smiley face