Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This past week Dave worked for a couple, Matt and Diana, who wanted a pantry and a table/island made for their kitchen. They are such a sweet couple, and he really enjoyed working for them. This past Saturday he was planning on going over to their house in the afternoon and putting the finishing touches on the furniture. Meanwhile, Matt and Diana decided that they were going to have a bonfire w/ all the brush and dead trees that Matt had been cutting down and invited us to come over for a brush burning and hot dog roast :) we had such a fun evening w/ them! I never would have expected to enjoy a hot dog roast in negative degree weather, but the fire did a good job of keeping us warm. My feet were definitely numb and frozen and hurt like crazy when they thawed out, but it was worth it :)

the beginnings of the fire...

it grew...

and grew...

and grew!!! i think it may have just been the biggest bonfire i've ever been too! needless to say, because most of it was brush, the flames died down pretty quickly, but it sure was fun to see!

ashes raining down...

standing on the snow-covered lake, watching the fire.

Matt and Diana own and live on an island :) It's not a very big island, but it sure is cool! They live in a log cabin that they have been working on for the past 4 years. They don't have any running water!!! I don't think I would be too fond of having to use an outhouse in these temperatures, but they do it! During the winter they can use an ice road to get off their island, but in the summer, they boat :) Their cabin is pretty basic, and their isn't a lot of storage space which is why they wanted Dave to build a pantry for them.

the finished product :) notice the little spice racks on the doors? i'm jealous lol

and lastly, another little snapshot of my project :)
little by little!

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  1. You are both so creative! It's nice to see what you can do with your God given talents! Sandra