Monday, November 1, 2010

home :)

i'm home!!!!!
now i know, i know, this is my old home, and i have a new home now, but i like to think of it as home #1 and home #2.
home #1 will always be where my husband is, but bridgewater va will always be my home too...and o how i have missed home #2. it has been so good being back!!!! seeing my parents, some of my siblings, my church family, my friends...such a blessings!!!!
so yeah, my favorite "home" is definitely w/ my husband, but as far as location is concerned, it's going to take any place a long time to ever be more of a home than my lovely bridgewater, va.

this past saturday my hubby and i headed out for the airport in international falls

mmmmm....such a good-lookin' escort!!!

just had to kiss him!!!!

some evidence of the cold weather we've been having...

i don't have any pics of the rest of the trip, but i'll give you a lil' glimpse into what i've been up to since i've been home.

#1 was to make my bridesmaid dress for amber's wedding!!! which is the whole reason i am here in the first place :)
yay for a mom who can sew!!! i helped her cut it out, but she did all the sewing :)
can't wait for saturday when i get to celebrate the wedding of one of my best friends!!! i've been married for just under 3 months, but i'm already a big fan!!! she's in for a treat :)

while mom worked on my dress, i began another project :)
i'm making a quilt for mom's next book!!!!

this is her first book :)
check it out at her website:
it's pretty amazing!!!!

so yesterday mom and i went to patchwork plus and picked out the 45 fabrics needed for a pattern called "pinwheel spin."

i did all the cutting yesterday.

then i worked several hours on laying it all takes a while to get all the pinwheels to coordinate so that they don't blend into each other! you switch that one w/ this one and then you swith this one with that one, but eventually you get it!!!!

can't wait to see how it all turns out :)
today mom and i are going to sew the day away :)

o, and i would like everyone to know that i enjoyed my first diet mtn. dew since i've gotten married yesterday!!!! so so amazing!!!! apparently canadians are not so hyped on the stuff :( which is only slightly understandable considering they are not allowed to have caffeine in any light colored pops... :(

well, that's all i got for now, but i would just like to say again before i go, that it is so so so good to be home!!!!


  1. Oh Parla, this brought memories of when we moved to Ga. many years ago. It was 5 months until I got to go "home" again. I was homesick!!! But after that I was okay. I still LOVE going home to Bridgewater.
    Glad you got to spend time sewing with mom. I'll be looking forward to seeing your finished project!

  2. Is your husband here, too? I remember how nice it was to come home, too, after being gone for a few months. We actually left home to go on our honeymoon and we didn't come back before "landing" in Ohio. I hadn't really thought about that until we were leaving, and my daddy was wiping tears as we said our last good-byes, standing in the yard, watching us go for as long as he could see us. I would do things differently now, but then it seemed like the right thing to do. And home IS where our husband is and there is never any question about that. But HOME, where our home folk are, parents, sibs and childhood friends, that's HOME in another sense -- where our roots are, I guess. So glad that you can have these days. Who is this Amber that is getting married?

    Good post, by the way!

  3. Such a grand post!! Glad we both can say Bridgewater will always be a "HOME" to us :)Such a cute lil town!!
    So honored I get to be a Bridesmaid with you and Andrea at our dear Amber's hitchin!!! ;)

  4. Parla what a wonderful post. I will always call Bridgewater, VA one of my homes! When ever I drive down 42 or 257 into our town my heart does the special little flutter. There is a cool sence of belonging. I'm so glad that even after 34 years of married life I still feel I have a place there.
    Love the little iron your mom is using. I LOVE mine! The quilt you all are making is stunning! Love, ~Aunt Polly~

  5. I can say ditto to all the above comments! VA will always be home in my heart. I am so glad my brother has sense enough to let you "Go Home". I am grateful that my hubby is always willing to let me head "home". Enjoy those mountains and beautiful people down south ;)