Friday, November 12, 2010

11/11/2010 - my bday!!!

november 11, 1986 ... yep, 24 years ago, i was born :) yay!!!

so this year was my first bday as a wife...i liked it :)
my baby let me sleep in, and he took off 1/2 a day of work so that he could spend the rest of the day w/ me!!!! he took me out for lunch and made dinner for me :) he's actually an excellent cook! i should prolly let him in the kitchen a lil' more often!
for anyone who doesn't know, ice cream is my favorite food :) so we topped the evening off w/ that :) good!

i think God decided that i needed a lil' dusting of snow for my bday, so he sent it :)
it was fun sitting inside our warm lil' apartment w/ my baby while the snow fell outside...i'm guessing that won't be the last time we do that!!!

we didn't get a whole lot, but it did start sticking!!!
we have about 4 more days that the temp. is going to be above freezing, and then it pretty much drops like a rock...a week from today the forecast is calling for a high of 17 during the day, and a low of 0 at night...yikes!

besides having a wonderful bday w/ my baby here in canada, i also had a wonderful bday at home!

mom always has a bday meal for us :)

i chose shrimp!!!! it was amazing :)

we also had a wonderful salad, baked macaroni, limas, and a dairy queen ice cream cake for dessert! so so so so good!

i missed having 2 of my siblings w/ me (benjamin and autumn), but was super happy to have granddaddy, grammy and megan there to celebrate!

christian and megan

granddaddy and grammy

after dinner we decided to play "up and down the river"

partway through the game though, we lost electricity. we tried to play by lamp light for a while, but that didn't work so well.

so we spent the rest of the time fiddling with the lamps, trying to get them to work correctly.
i believe it's about time we invest in a lil' more oil and some new wicks!
it was so much fun though :) we chatted and played around w/ the candles and lamps for about an hour before the electricity came back on

mummsy dear and rebecca ... good one bec ;)

bec "warming" her hands by the oil lamp lol

here's to an amazing bday!!! in my beautiful va and in my blustery arctic :)

ps. i spent my bday morning (while dave was at work) finishing up another hat :)

this was a new pattern for me and was a bit more time-involved than some of the others that i've done, but it was a fun one to tackle :)
it has an edge that rolls up, and a little chain that weaves through it and ties in a lil' bow on the side.

two other adult hats that i've done
it's a lil' easier for me to model these than the baby hats :)

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  1. Happy birthday!! I very much like those hats, by the way. Very nifty. :)