Friday, October 15, 2010

to do: paint living room...check!!!!

before we get to the living room, how bout a pic. of us?

i love this man! can't keep my eyes of him :)
and despite the sad faces in this picture, we were having fun :)
it could be that the faces indicate the coming cold...def. not happy about the negative numbers in the forecast!!!
this past weekend we went to winnipeg and my hubby got me all outfitted for the, coat, and long underwear :) still not sure i'm quite ready!!!!

anyways, on to the paint job...
basically i'm going to take you on a lil' spin around our kitchen/living room/dining room :)...and now we have a bed in there too, so i guess we could add bedroom as well :)

here we have a shot from the kitchen which shows all 3 of the newly painted walls together. i like it :) especially loving my dark chocolate wall on the right! now i'm on the hunt for some colorful artwork to hang on it...something that will make it pop :)

yes, i know the curtains are different lengths and they need some help...i'll get to it, i promise :)
and as you can see, we now have a bed in our living room :) sometimes ya just gotta make do w/ what ya have :) who says a bed can't be transformed into a chic couch? ok, so maybe chic isn't the right adjective, but we got some oversized pillows (26x26) while we were in winnipeg, and as soon as i get them covered and in position, i'm hoping it will look a little more like a piece of furniture and a little less like a bed lol

loving my lil' posies in the window :)

i want to accent this room w/ maroons and far, we have the posies :) lil' by lil'!!!
i'm going w/ maroons and greens because we have pink carpet in our living room...yes, i did say pink :( ... so my hope is that by going w/ maroon i can puuullllllllllll that color out and leave the pink behind

this is where the beige/tan and the dark chocolate meet :) can't wait to get some artwork on that chocolate wall!!!

so here is a shot from the living room into the kitchen...i love the way the dark chocolate wall and the green kitchen interact :)

i now have a moose plate hanging above my stove :) yay moose!!!

so that's it for now on the home improvements :)
and lest any of you think that i'm complaining about our lack of furniture or the fact that we have pink carpet or that we have 4 rooms in one lol...i assure you, i'm not :) i feel so completely blessed and love our lil' home :) new and nice things are always fun, but being creative w/ what you have can be lots of fun too!!!
and here's an open invite to anyone who wants to come check it out first-hand...we'd love to have ya!!! but make sure you bring your winter's cold up here!!! lol


  1. I love it, Parla! And making do with what you have and making the best of it is a gift -- which you certainly have. It looks so homey, but artsy, too. Good for you! Love you!

  2. i love your newly painted walls!!!

  3. Wow it looks amazing! So much better than when we lived there, very cozy. Did Dave tell you we gave him that table and chairs...too bad we were stingy and stole our couch back or you could be the proud owner of a lovely corner couch (by lovely I mean faded black and white stipes) While we were in B.C. I recovered it in beautiful browns...but we had to leave it behind, so my sad tail is that neither you nor I have a lovely corner couch. :(
    Karen Enns

  4. Very cozy and cute, Parla!! :)

  5. I would love to come and sit around your table for a meal. Dad and I could sleep on that chic couch, not so long ago we sleep in a single bed. Heard you meet Kara and her hubby in Canada, bet the two of you can relate to each other about the Canadian weather.

  6. Parla! I'm so impressed with what you did to your house! It is beautiful! Brings back memories of painting paneling at our first house...and this one. What a difference it makes! Whoever thought that wood paneling was a good idea=) And your moose stuff is perfect! Good idea=) Love to be able to see your place....doesn't seem so far away now...and I'll try to not complain about the cold weather here and think of you! Love ya!

  7. Wow, Parla! I'm impressed! Way to go. It's very cozy in there!
    Anne Jisca

  8. I love your point choices. I have wanted to repaint some of our rooms, but always feel a little scared when I see all the color choices. you've given me some courage! Sandra

  9. Parla I love your little cottage. :) you are an amazing homemaker!!!!! love you girl!! chalee

  10. you might be hired when I enter the realm of home-owner...just giving you a heads up :) Looks great in there!!