Tuesday, October 26, 2010

such a handyman--my man :)

the island is complete!!!!

before my hubby made me this little island, i had about 4 ft. of counter space, half of which was taken up with a dish drainer!!!
he has done so well with helping to make our little apartment into a home :) thanx baby!

this is the stage that the island was at when i first arrived

my job was to stain it...

...while my baby sanded the top. it's a big wood chopping block :) i love it!

fastening the top and the bottom together

view from the back

view from the front...now all that's missing are the drawers

my baby working on putting the drawers in

i love him :)

the drawers are in, and yesterday i finished staining them :)

mmmmm....i'm such a lucky wifey :)


  1. I see your Longaberger Basket has a home! Smile!

  2. What a beautiful job, Dave! Sandra

  3. It's beautiful! I like the way you can move it around to where you need it the most. And it looks like every inch of space is usable.