Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Asher turns one!!!!

Yesterday our littlest turned one!
Brighton has been so excited about his birthday…she could hardly wait to give him his present so that she could play w/ it ;) lol

after present time we had birthday waffles :)
i have a hard time believing how much this little guy will eat!
he ate 1/2 a belgian waffle and a whole banana for his birthday breakfast
he usually eats just as much as Brighton does

after naps, i tried to take a picture of our 2 munchkins together…
that didn't go so well :/

that evening we celebrated his birthday w/ some cake :)

i was hoping he would dig into it, but he wouldn't touch it
so it's currently sitting on my counter…i think we'll have some kiddos over for a tea party on Friday and let them dig into it :)

after some failed attempts at taking some smash cake pictures we came inside to eat cupcakes
Brighton was pretty excited about blowing out the candle

although he wouldn't touch the owl, he did dig into a cupcake :)

since we failed at smash cake pictures yesterday and the cake was still intact, today i decided to give it another shot…failed again
but he did eat a few jelly beans :)

we love this little guy!
he is a mama's boy through and through
he has no interest in learning to communicate except through screaming
the only word he seems to really know is "uh-oh"
he refuses to take a step…he will even stand up by himself in the middle of a room, but then sit back down and crawl
he is super ticklish and his giggles are the best
he is an awesome sleeper! (7:00-7:00)
he's addicted to his soother and swaddle…doesn't fall asleep w/out either
he takes 2 naps a day for a total of around 3 hrs.
he loves playing peek-a-boo
he eats pretty much everything and has a definite sweet-tooth

happy bday sweet boy!
you are a gem and you are so so loved :)

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