Monday, June 17, 2013

we ran a half marathon on father's day

a little while back i decided to train for the Manitoba Marathon
it happens every year on Father's Day
i did the Red Lake Road Run last year, but if i remember right, there were only 13 of us who did the half marathon
i thought it would be fun to try out a bigger event :)
and bigger it was!!!
i'm pretty sure along the whole 13.1 miles i had at least 200 people within my view
according to the Winnipeg Free Press, there were 13,380 runners

the race was Sunday
Friday Dave, myself, and bump #2 headed towards Winnipeg for a 3 day/2 night weekend
we were so blessed to have a friend volunteer to keep Brighton while we were gone!
it was so good to be able to shop, eat, and hang out w/ each other without having to keep Brighton happy, fed, and well rested (a truly impossible task when traveling)
AND it was also sooooooo nice to be able to stay out later than 8:00!

the race started at 7:00 Sunday morning
we set the alarm for 5:00
we drove to a park and ride place where a bus then took us to the main event
standing at the start line

 here's a short clip of the race beginning
love the music...made me want to run in slow motion :) :) :)

my amazing hubby cheered me off and then went to the grandstands to watch as people began crossing the finish line
basically he did that for the next 2.5 hrs...what a trooper!
he said it was pretty interesting though 
people were constantly crossing the finish line
the 5kers, then the 10kers, then the half marathoners
the first full marathoner crossed the finish just after me!
i can't imagine running twice the distance i did in the same amount of time
26.2 miles sounds hard enough as it is w/out sprinting the whole way! lol

 getting ready to cross the finish line
(i love that there is a couple behind me holding hands as they get ready to cross!!!!!)
maybe someday i'll get dave to do a half marathon w/ me!

and here i am w/ my bump, my medal, my number, and 13.1 miles behind me :)
i'll just go ahead and confess that i could barely walk the rest of the day sore!
i was hoping to run the race in under 2.5 hrs. and i did it!
my time was 2:25:51 :)

we went to the Unburger for lunch (best burger place ever!)
and then headed home so Daddy could at least see his little munchkin for a bit on Father's Day
he wasn't into doing Father's Day pictures, but he did let me take a picture of him and Brighton w/ her new little camping chair that we got her while we were in Winnipeg 
he's the best daddy ever
i never cease to be amazed at the amount of love that he pours into both me and our little girl


  1. Enjoyed seeing more of the marathon. Loved the last picture. Mummsy

  2. Look at you! So cute pregnant! Congrats on the race!

    1. thank you!!! now i can hardly believe i did it...5k seems to be about my limit now lol