Thursday, February 7, 2013

it happened in january

once again it has been forever long since i've posted
but i'm thinking that's going to be the way it is for a while
i'm trying to catch up on Brighton's photo album, and let's just say i have ALOT of photos to go though!

january brought w/ it:

 lots and lots and lots of snow
as well as temperatures which hung around the -30s C ... not my most favorite time of year!

more time w/ dad who has been working shorter days...yay!

evenings of games, movies, and popcorn

chocolate when mom wasn't looking...

friends coming over to visit, play games, and get into mischief

Brighton's first bandaid
(a result of a hard fall into a kitchen drawer handle)

a few lazy morning here and there

and of course, just your general one year old cuteness ;)

now, you'll probably have to wait until march to see what february has brought us ;)


  1. I like your new layout. Enjoyed little Bs pictures. The last one was so sweet, well they all were.:)

  2. The last picture looks a lot like Isreal's Summer.

  3. What a great new look! Wonderful photos. She is a sweetie pie. Love her little 'tuff' of hair. Keep warm!

  4. Parla, the picture with Brighton sticking her tongue out at Dave - did you make the light in the background? I love it, if you made it, how did you make it? Right now this is my desktop picture. Her "mo-hawk" makes me laugh. Sandra

    1. i wish i could claim making the light! it's actually a scentsy warmer. it's called "loom":

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