Friday, November 23, 2012

i figured it out :)

so after doing lots of web browsing and reading and looking at other possible blog sites, i figured out what to do :)
i had seriously considered moving to wordpress, but was saddened by the thought if not having my blog posts all at one place
i thought about paying for the extra space, but wasn't sure i wanted to be paying $25-$50 a year for the rest of my life
here's the secret: if your pictures are under 2048x2048 pixels, they do not count against your available space! yay! and yay for batch resizing in photoshop!
(for those of you reading this on my xanga site, this of course does not apply...i always just copy and paste my posts over from blogger to make it easier for those of you who have xanga accounts ;)

so here is a bit of what's been going on in this northern part of the world: 

*it is currently -14C outside with a realfeal of -23C (i am not cool w/ this)
*Bump took her first step last week, and began walking this week!!! she is so proud of herself :)
*my first turkey is currently brining in the refrigerator for a Thanksgiving dinner tonight. i'm nervous.
*Macy (my car) now has snow tires and is not impressed w/ the fact that she looks like she is running around on 4 spare tires...or maybe i'm the one who is not impressed...dave says it's good for my pride ;)
*the guys were able to shingle our roof in the nick of time as the snow is now a permanent fixture
*i love our new siding! although it's still not quite done
*i have decided that the best baby advice i was ever given was to teach my baby to self soothe! i am in love w/ full nights of uninterrupted sleep! i think Brighton is as well ;)
*last weekend i sold over 600 whoopie pies at a craft show. i made 13 different kinds - apple pie, banana bread, pumpkin spice, classic chocolate, birthday cake, mint chocolate chip, lemon, red velvet, chocolate peanut butter, brown sugar oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie, inside out, and double chocolate.
*my birthday was november 11 and my hubby made it such a special weekend with an overnight getaway sans baby! i love him :)
*this weekend we are going to Winnipeg to do some Christmas shopping. it's strange how a 5 hr. trip to go shopping has now become quite normal.

and now for the resized pictures:

 Munchers and her very tall giraffe from Timeless Toys

 the only snapshot i managed during my bday getaway

 sellin' whoopie pies!

 yay siding!!!

 my poor little Macy and her snow tires :( 
but at least we don't slip and slide!

i love having Thanksgiving twice a year!
it's definitely one of the biggest advantages of living in Canada ;)
i am so so thankful for these 2 amazing people
love 'em a bushel and a peck!


  1. You will love those tires by the end of this winter. They make a world of difference. Also, by switching to ugly rims, the salt on the roads won't ruin your nice rims. Silver lining :)

    1. i already do love the tires...just not the rims ;) lol ... and yes, the silver lining :)

  2. Parla I smiled all the way through this post. Love the giraffe riding gal. Just so cute. Makes this Auntie want to swing by your house with some hugs. How many days did it take to make all those whoopie pies? I'll take a chocolate one!

    1. o how i wish you could swing by!!! you and mom should plan on having a little sewing retreat up here in canada ;) wouldn't that be fun?!?! it took me right around a week to make all those whoopie pies. i worked on them in the afternoons while B was down for her nap. and i promise if you come up here i'll make you some chocolate whoopie pies ;)

  3. I love Brighton's teeth! She's growing up so fast. Give her a hug for me. Sandra

  4. Sounds like A.Polly had a wonderful idea and your idea of the sewing sounds good. Can you provide all the machines so we don't have to bring ours when we fly. :)
    I must send Wes your blog to show him the giraffe.