Friday, February 18, 2011

i want summer too!!!!!

So apparently, the rest of the world (aka. most of the people i know and love) is having amazingly warm and sunny weather w/out me. Let's just say these facebook quotes that i've been seeing on facebook are definitely NOT making this winter any shorter for me...
in love with this gorgeous sunny day!!!!!!
Feels so good to run outside again :)
wearing flip flops today oh yeah! ready for summer!
weather is amazing n im wearin flip flops ♥
it was nice to run outside for once!
Time to break out the white legs! Ps I love shorts.
it's T-shirt tiiiiiiiime!
AND to top it off, i had to venture outside, the day of -16 C weather w/ a windchill of -31 C...yep, i about froze

i know, it's not a very attractive picture, but i was not exactly feeling attractive at this point in time...i was feeling more like a frozen, miserable popsicle.
see, i was baking cookies, and i ran out of ingredients in the middle of my little baking adventure. at this point in time, we only have one vehicle, so my only option was to parka up, and brave the wintery i did. it's prolly about 1/2 mile walk to the grocery store, which really isn't that far...unless it feels like it's -31 C outside...then it's a lil' ways!!! i did ok on the way to the store, but i ended up buying a whole lot more than i had anticipated, and the walk back was a killer!!! i kept praying that God would send somebody my way who would look out their warm vehicle window and would see me struggling along the sidewalk w/ frozen appendages and my 2 incredibly heavy bags of groceries, and would offer me a ride, but i guess God knew that i needed the exercise :) thankfully, i did make it home alive...barely, but i did!!!
anyways, all this to say i'm counting down the days to when we get to move south! not that we actually have any plans to move south...but i sure am hoping it happens some day!!!!

last night it put down some more snow for if we don't have enough already!!!!

and this is what it looked like when we got up in the morning...not really any different than what it's looked like for the past 3 months

as much as i absolutely hate the cold, and as much as i am not a fan of living in canada, i would do it a hundered times over for the blessing of getting to spend every day w/ my favorite person in the world...i love you so much baby :)


  1. LOL, Parla.... such a good post and I love the picture of the puppy dog eyes that just has the word "Whipped" all over it :) So happy you have your hubby to share the cold with!!! Love 'n' miss ya!!! Hey- wana go to Arizona and lay out with me among the many cactus' he he

  2. Sorry, Parla. I know when I moved north, I thought I'd never get used to the cold either. Here's three tips:
    1. Accept that you live in the north and get over the southern girl idea of fashion and just wear the appropriate winter clothes and being outside will quickly become more enjoyable. I was totally embarrassed to wear Sorel boots at first and resisted tooth and nail, but...everyone does. (And they thought I was a ridiculous, dumb American to be so stubborn.) Once I started wearing them too, my life improved a lot. =) Now I live back here and I don't fit in well at all. I thought about posting two pictures of me on my blog--one as I'd go to church in Red Lake (on foot, wearing my snowmobile pants, parka, long johns, wool socks, hat, scarf covering most of my face, mitts, sorel boots) and one as I'd go here if I was really cool (high heeled dress shoes, a thin dress coat with a scarf for looks more than purpose, maybe hose or maybe not, knee-length skirt...even though it is below freezing and I'm blue and shivering, but by george, I'm fashionable.) The irony of it all.
    2. Make the best of it and find the fun to be had. I was an inside girl to the core but I learned to love snowmobiling, snowshoeing, winter picnics, walks to the post office. One thing I missed a lot this winter was the feeling of having my eyelashes frozen together and my hair all frosty and my nose hairs crinkly. Weird, eh?!
    3. If you're baking cookies and you run out of ingredients and it is -31 outside, borrow from the neighbors. =)
    Take heart!

  3. i so agree with Kendra. I was working at the school the other day, and got my laugh of the week. A beautiful young lady came to do lunch duty, and she slipped off ankle high, fashionable boots and slipped into 4" high heels. Then, when she was getting back into her ankle high boots to do outdoor duty, one of the other staff offered her ski pants. Her reply, (laughingly) was, "Always fashion before comfort!" we ended up laughing and supposing two things: she was under 30, and had not weathered too many winters here! :) I love fashion myself, but totally agree with Kendra - especially about borrowing from the neighbors. :)
    ~Leslie H.

  4. So sorry about the cold weather. I know you are not a cold weather person. I think of you often as we are enjoying the FL sunshine. It was up to 83 yesterday. Georgous weather for the past couple weeks. Unfortunately, we have to leave here next Tuesday for home. Am hoping spring will come soon after we get there. Hang in there as winter will soon be over. Love you, Granmmy